Health Services

The Health Centre of the R.S College provides health care to the institute community comprising of staff and students. A large number of the staff members and their families are residents in the campus. Though small in relative terms, the health centre is well equipped to undertake a number of clinical investigations and offers outpatient care as well as provides in-patient treatment. The Health Centre is located on the south-west end of the campus, close to the J N Center building, and opposite to the students’ hostel.

Health Centre is providing Primary Health Care to the Staff and their dependents, Students, Pensioners and spouse, and family pensioners.

The Health Centre offers round the clock Out Patient, In-patient treatment and the Emergency Care. The special care is also available in the areas of Medicine and Gynecology, Dermatology, EYE and Psychiatry. The Consultants are attending the cases referred by Medical Officers and Area Medical Officers on appointment basis at the time slot allotted to them.

It has a Dental unit providing mainly preventive dentistry attended by qualified Dentist. It has a full pledged Physiotherapy Unit manned by a qualified Physiotherapist. It has a Pharmacy, which is storing and dispensing most of the medicines required for patients and it is fully computerized. The Health Centre acquires the medicines through rate contract.