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 The SWOC analysis of the institution
(Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Challenges)

        From the very beginning of its establishment, (1958) R.S. College Tarapur

(Munger) is shapping as an ideal institution of promoting Social cultural and

education sense in youth so that they meet their needs. This college is a famous

place of Munger district . pilgrim cross Tarapur, going to Deoghar. Tarapur is 20

km south from sultanganj There fore, on foot going pilgrims, take rest in Ulta

Mahadava Temple . This is also remembered for the first paralled government ,

formed against British rule Police shooted the several nationalist is 15 feb. 1932.

At first teaching was started in Arts subjects-From 1965 science faculty was started

and affiliated by T.M.Bhagalpur University in 1966 . The teaching up to honours

level was started from 1970-72 with the help of education-laving personalities this

college progressed day and day 1984 it celebrated golden jubilee.

This college has separate science Block and rich laboratories. In Arts faculty. There

is affiliation in Hindi , English , Urdu, Pol-sc, Economics, Philosophy and

Psychology subjects. 28 Posts are sanctioned but for few years two third parts are

laying vacant. In some subject guest teacher were appointed with the consent of


This college has rich library and new built reading room.

Women’s hostel was also built in 11th plan of UGC. Applications have been invited

from girl-students to reside this hostel.

This college has a big field where time to time sports are played.

This field is single in Tarapur. Only traditional education is not sufficient to meet

the present needs therefore, BCA vocational course was started from 2015-2016

session. There are a smart class and rich BCA laboratory having sufficient

equipments, table’s facilities with AC.

From very beginning the students of this college hav been

taking parts in sports organised by T.M.B.U and other universities of India some

teachers of this college are invited as experts to select the cadets for various events.

It is obvious that quality education is must. For this teachers

must be fully trained and skilled. Teachers of this college have attained orientation

course and refresher course sponsored by UGC. The teachers of this college adhers

to the following factors during teaching.

Knowledge of the subjects

Ability of communication




Standard of instructions so that aim of teaching is fulfilled.

Appropriate teaching

Relevance of illustration

Keeping one self upto date in the fast advancement of literature

In spite of lack of teachers this college is trying its best to afford quality education.Most of the students belong to poor families. However, they have interest in education. They follow college-dress code in maintains discipline.Recently the college has been facilitated with wi-fi .personnels as well as students of this college use it. If it is supported financially by the government aims of quality education may be achieved more sharply and the vision of its founders will come true.