Principal's Message

I am very happy that this college is submitting its SSR as per the norms set by establishment, this college is assiduity am parting quality education. Teachers and students passed out from this college have made their distinguished identity in the field of literature, Science administration and social service. Though, This, College is situated in rural remote area however it is trying its best to facility the students from all corner. Progressive, quality education and high moral are the fundamental themes of this college and I’m proud to say that we have obtains them.

The preparation of SSR has a long journey from LOI acceptance to present them. t them. t them. Lastly, I convey my heartiest thanks to all the teaching and non-teaching staff for their support and co-operation.

I would like to quote the line of famous Poem:- Miles I have to go, before I sleep. sleep.Tarapur, where this college exists is a sub-division of Munger district and famous for the massaere of martyres in 15 feb 1932 by british police, Tarapur police station is just 1 KM away in east famous Teldiha shakti peath exists. It is a constituent unit of T.M.B. Universiry Bhagalpur At present Dr. N.K. jha is vice-chancellor of this University. Dr. Jha is a distinguished educationalist and an amiment scholar. Our Hon. Vice- chancellor has been the student of this college. This college is being run by learned Principal Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Ansari a reputed scholar of Hindi, having ability of administration.


      Dr. shakeel Ahmad Ansari     
     R. S. College Tarapur, Munger